About the Turnip

I’m not very good with About pages. I really don’t find myself all that interesting. I’m a mother of 2, I’m a wife of 16 years, I’m a student, a published author, a gamer, a dreamer, a lover, and a geek. The reason I’m not really interesting is because I don’t have much drama in my life, and I like it that way. My marriage is stable, my children aren’t disrespectful, and I enjoy being a hard worker. The only drama I come across is World of Warcraft drama (usually I just observe) and the gossip/drama at work (usually I just observe). I am lazy though. I’d rather sit here and piddle around on the computer than go to work or school but at the same time I have a high work ethic (perfect attendance, obey all the policies). Trust is a big thing with me. I’m probably the most loyal, most gullible, most forgiving person you’ll ever meet, (I’m ridiculously naive at times) but once I catch on, and I finally figure out you’ve broken my trust, you never get it back. There is a saying:


And I’ll throw in one of my favorite memes:

tumblr_m1k2rhByNA1qzyt70o1_500Updated: 7-3-15

I reread my about page, and corrected it. I’m no longer employed, some day I’ll post about that event, but I’m not ready to let the world see how unwise I am. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Depression, Codependency and Low Self Esteem, so I had to throw out the happy person lines. Due to codependency and low self esteem I’m practically a door mat. At work I never stuck up for myself, even when I was being wrongly chastised for something. I spent a lot of time crying, and a lot of time drinking.


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