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When Castiel had told Sam that he and Dean shared a more profound bond, he had not been lying or exaggerating. Castiel in truth, was not Sam’s guardian, he was Dean’s. He had not exactly been assigned the Winchester boys, but instead had been told to look out for Dean because Dean was Michael’s vessel and it had been Castiel’s job to protect the vessel and convince Dean to say yes to Michael. Castiel had fallen from grace, not once but twice for Dean, and he expected he would fall from grace a third time, a fourth time, however many times it took to protect Dean. He would restore Dean’s life, or Sam’s life, because it was what made Dean happy, or rather kept him sane. Castiel could have been insulted that Dean could remember something as terrible as his time in Hell, but hadn’t remembered the angel who had pulled him out or even hadn’t remembered being pulled out. When Castiel dragged Dean, literally, from Hell, he hadn’t looked like how he appeared now. Dean had seen Castiel in his true form. He had nearly killed Dean, twice, afterwards trying to talk to him from his true form, so he had to take his own vessel, Jimmy Novak, a pious man who had walked away from a wife and daughter to be Castiel’s meat suit.

The bond between Dean and Castiel allowed Cas to hear Dean, regardless of where he was, and he often felt Dean’s emotions. When he’d carved the Enochian sigils into Dean and Sam’s ribs, he could still hear Dean, garbled though, and couldn’t pinpoint him. He had to rely on something called a cell phone. When the sigils were no longer needed, Castiel had removed them so he could be at Dean’s side, and could hear him clearly.

Cas? Cas, I need you. Cas heard the voice clearly in his head. Dean sounded worried, in trouble. Most likely it was Sam who was in trouble. Get your ass down here! Cas snorted and closed his eyes. Where did Dean think he hung out? Heaven? Castiel was actually standing in a butterfly biodome. Ever since his mind had cracked from taking Sam’s madness he’d had a penchant for insects, bees especially, but the butterflies were their own beauty. He had planned to instantly go to Dean, except… Cas slowly opened his eyes. He didn’t know where Dean was. Castiel? Cas! You always come when I call! A look of panic filled Cas’ eyes but his face stayed impassive.

“I don’t know where you are, Dean,” he said in his deep rather emotionless voice as if Dean could hear him in return. Cas closed his eyes again and there was a flap of wings, a whoosh of air and Cas immediately appeared on a lonely empty road. He stood next to the Impala. He was not engulfed in the fog or even the ash for that matter. The Impala was clean, the trunk closed, the doors closed. He turned and looked at the sign the Impala was parked next to. “ROAD CLOSED.” Behind it was another sign “SILENT HILL – 3 MILES.”

“Oh no,” Cas whispered. Silent Hill. If there was any place that was Hell on Earth, this was it. When the world was young, the angels had needed a place to put Valtiel. They had chosen a remote corner on the opposite side of the world as civilization, and like Lucifer, Valtiel, had been tossed into a Cage. No one was supposed to have settled there, but apparently humans spread across the world and in the 1700’s, the coal mining town of Silent Hill was built on top of Valtiel’s cage. It would seem that up until about 40 years ago, Silent Hill was quiet, no signs of Valtiel being disturbed, until the coal fires began.

Castiel looked left then right. No one had noticed, but Enochian Angel Warding had been etched into trees, rocks, the earth. If viewed from above, the streets made an interesting design, blamed on Freemasons, much like the streets of Washington D.C. It was more Enochian. The Enochian wasn’t so much as to keep angels out but to keep one in. Cas would have to walk, and once inside he’d be practically human again. He’d still have his reflexes, he’d still hear Dean, but no more instant teleportation, and no healing and there was a good chance that Cas may not be able to walk out. It wasn’t Death he was concerned about, it was the Enochian. He could walk in, but walking out would be difficult. He was going in to save Dean, or Sam, if Dean required it, but he’d most likely be imprisoned in Silent Hill forever.