The Wondering Holm had been where David had gone first. He sense the humans out there and though he could not see through the island like he could see the island through the clouds. However he could see the village as he remembered it. Cobbled streets, a few modest houses, a small manor house belonging to the island’s governor, a church, and the school where she taught. David could sense the minds of the humans as his telepathy was magnified by all the squidlings that now made up his body. He searched for her mind, and the school teacher, was not her. Louella Huckabee was not on the Wondering Holm. He swam down from the island. He had considered sending his tentacles up and grabbing all the humans he could, bring them down to his hungry mouth. Except Paul, who was buried deep, who helped keep the mass of squidlings together, wanted to know if she was safe. He demanded to know her whereabouts, if she was dead or alive.

David moved below the clouds, every once in a while glancing down at the ocean below him. The Cloud People lived mostly above an ocean that was once called the Atlantic Ocean. The fish and mammals of the ocean had already been consumed by the squidlings. It was just a dead body of water, filled with trash.

There she was! He could sense her. She was on a cloud ship, and he could feel the others on board, all seedy types who had fantasies that involved either fucking or killing Louella or both. David had considered pulling down the cloud ship, devouring them all except her, she was to be saved for last. Paul, though happy to know his wife was alive and well, did not want her part of the grand design, not just yet.

Suddenly there was a spike of fear, and someone had just dropped through the clouds, screaming. David reached out with a massive tentacle and snatched the man from the air. He popped him into his mouth and crunched down on him as nonchalantly as if he was eating popcorn in a movie theater. One more consciousness absorbed, so many more to go. This one was Orford and his mind broke like an egg shell as soon as he saw the Sky Kraken. Paul insisted they follow the cloud ship. David did as requested. Paul did not speak these wishes, they were more or less projected as feelings. Paul’s love for Louella was extremely strong, and David was certain that if he didn’t acquiesce his brother, then Paul might leave and chase after her.

They followed the cloud ship, swimming or floating under the clouds below it. They docked at an island, a seedier place than the ship it felt. Hopewell, David had been there before, he was nearly murdered just trying to hire a ship to take him in search of Draco Island. Louella was on the island and David felt himself growing weak, tired, the mental exertion to keep his form was nearly too much.

Rest brother, I will take over,” Paul had whispered and David trusted his brother. David slowly fell into a deep oblivion of sleep. The massive form of the Sky Kraken did not dissipate at all. Paul kept the form, while he mentally searched for his wife. There she was, surrounded by pirates and cutthroats, murderers and thieves. He mentally projected himself to her, but she didn’t look up. She didn’t look at him. Paul discovered he could only keep the projection up briefly as his own attention was needed to maintain the massive amount of squidlings.

She was back on the ship, and he once again tried to project to her, but she was asleep. Then she was back on the island, and suddenly there was an uproar above him. Louella was in trouble, she was fighting, and he could feel it. He projected to her one last time, leaning against a lamp post, staring intently at his wife as he watched her kill a man, while trying to drag another. This was not like little demure Louella at all. It was his wife, he saw that, he felt it, but this was an entirely different woman. He did not know that she could be like this. What had happened that made her so as tough as nails? The projection faded and he himself was tired, Paul couldn’t spare anymore mental effort to spy on his wife. The Sky Kraken hung in the air under Hopewell until dawn pierced through the clouds and David took control of the body while Paul got his own rest.

While Paul slept, the desire to follow Louella around had dissipated and David went back to his prime directive so to speak. He pulled cloud ships down through the clouds and ate the crew members, shoving screaming men into his mouth. Their bodies burst like grapes between is teeth. However Paul awoke, and though not in control, his desire to see his wife again was so strong that David stopped attacking cloud traffic and immediately went in search of the cloud vessel his brother’s wife seemed to be aboard.

No Name Island. It was not somewhere David was familiar with. He inspected the Rainmaker device under the island. If he damaged it, he was certain the island would fall, and he could gobble up all the people who lived on it. The device was clamped to the bottom of the island and he could see it through the clouds. He shot his tentacles up, gripped the island, and bit at the Rainmaker. He felt Paul projecting himself up on the island surface. He could sense the screams of fear and Louella trying to escape him and the island.

Louella was still beautiful, even though she appeared unwashed and not as well fed. She was thinner than he remembered, and more fierce. Her brunette hair was haphazardly pinned on her hair, strands fallen down around her tanned face, and green eyes. She was dressed in men’s clothes and carried a cutlass tucked in her belt. He wanted to reach out and touch her as she ran towards a ship that was already trying to leave the dock, one of the tentacles smashed the dock, freeing the ship. The island tilted and slowly began to sink under the clouds. Paul couldn’t keep up the projection.