I had already made the connection of the scars on Sam’s wrist that meant he had been to Draco Island, had been from it, or more or less had been to the surface because now I held the same scars. What I didn’t understand was how the Captain knew about it.
“Are you celebrating something?” I asked like an idiot as I continued to engorge myself on the food from the table. I had at least slowed in my feast enough to put food on a plate and eat from the plate.
“Yes, tis the anniversary of our island,” he answered for me easily. “We owe everything to-“
“A crazed engineer?” I interrupted him. He looked at me a moment, slightly confused.
“Not at all,” he kept smiling, I’d never met someone who smiled so much, who seemed so happy. “We appreciate our dragons, they protect us, the give us health and prosperity.”
“You’re celebrating the dragons?” I tried to keep incredulous off my face, but from the way it looked, the dragons were nothing more than work horses who towed the island around.
“Morenth, Resalth, and Tavurth, those are the males, the smaller ones. Emelth is our Queen, the lady dragon who takes care of us. Our celebration is nearly over, we have a final ceremony tomorrow,” Josiah was still smiling but it was as if something sinister had crept in. “I’m most certain you’ve not place to stay tonight.” The smile turned back to friendly. He turned and motioned to a woman. “Maud!” He called her name. A woman wearing one of the white frilly high collared shirts and a slate blue skirt stopped chatting with another woman and approached us. She had a friendly face like Josiah and a warm smile. Her face was painted, red lips, red cheeks, and blue on her eyelids. Her brunette hair was piled up into a bun on the back of her hair and she wore a simpler straw hat on her head. It only had a simple ribbon around the brim and a small purple flower that matched the flower on Josiah’s lapel. “Honesty, my wife, Maud, Maud, this is Honesty, she is recently rescued from the surface.”
“Oh how nice to meet you,” she said warmly reaching out and squeezing my arm. After touching my coat she removed a white lacey handkerchief from her sleeve, and wiped her hand on it, all the while smiling. Once done wiping her hand, she tucked the handkerchief back into her sleeve.
“Honesty doesn’t have a place to stay, if it is alright with you, dearest, you think she could stay in our guest room?” Josiah asked his wife.
“Of course dear! She can stay until she finds her place in our society,” Maud’s own smile seemed to have the sinister flash to it that I had seen in her husbands. I was very close to denying the offer. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was the suddenly whispers I was hearing. I chose to ignore them both. Other than the feeling of uneasiness their constant smiling gave me I was certain I was just not used to so much charity.
“Have you had enough to eat?” Josiah asked me and I nodded putting the plate down.
“Thank you,” I said quietly.
“Maud, be kind enough to show her to our home,” Josiah began, “I still have to speak with some of the councilmen.” Maud nodded.
“Come this way, dear,” she indicated down a broad street. It ended in a cul de sac, at the very end was a large house, almost too large to be considered a house, it was a full manor, and it just seemed to lack the courtyards. The house, though large, was not surrounded by much land, other houses were nestled up next to it. She led me to the double front doors and inside. “We’ll get a bath drawn for you,” she commented. I wasn’t sure if I should take the school marm approach to baths or the pirate one. Pirates only bathed when they were forced to be caught in the rain. As a school mistress I took baths usually once a week.
“Thank you,” I repeated as I stepped into her house. I’d never seen such grandeur. Furniture of incredible craftsmanship, paintings that were beyond exquisite.