“Remy,” I insisted. We’d gotten a little sidetracked, well I supposed he had. It seemed that whenever he looked at me he was utterly enthralled. He gave a nod and turned, he was leading me back to the statue building. I remembered the path, through buildings, through broken fences, through shrubbery and past the tree where Orford had appeared and screamed.

“There,” he pointed at the statue building.

“Why is here in there?” I asked.


“Dammit,” I grumbled and walked to enter the building. This time Mocsk grabbed my arm and I was not as pleased to be touched, and he’d responded stiffly. I looked down at his hand, and the wrist that was mostly hidden by the sleeve, but in his reach for me, his sleeve had come up. On his wrist were the three lines, the scars that had been on Sam’s wrist. I looked up to his face. That must’ve been what the medicine woman had been looking for when she’d checked my own wrists. Was Sam from this society? If he was, then were we on Draco Island?

“Don’t go in there. The Beast lives in there,” he warned. I shrugged his hand off and took another step up the staircase towards the building. He grabbed my arm again. He was this close to getting forked in the back of the hand, which was if I had my fork. “Please.” He looked so sad, so pleading. The smile was gone from his lips.

“I have to find Remy,” I told him and shrugged him off a second time.

“Bella went in there, she never came back,” he stated quickly. I turned back to him and approached, he seemed to relax slightly, I supposed he thought I was changing my mind. “Let’s go home.”

“No,” I shook my head. “I know you don’t understand a thing I’m saying, but I hope you understand my tone. I’m going in there,” I pointed to the building, “To find Remy and then I’m going back above the clouds. Where I belong.” I whirled and flap of coat tails and walked into the building, slipping through the broken glass. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but turned as the sound of glass crunching underfoot. Mocsk had entered the building behind me, his spear held in both hands. I noticed for the first time he wore a silver band, not on his left hand, but on his right. It looked exactly like mine, but my ring wasn’t on my finger at the moment, it was on a cord around my neck. I reached into my shirt and pulled out the ring. It had once fit my index finger and before it had been mine, it had belonged to a dear friend of mine who had died, but once becoming a pirate, I had lost so much weight that it no longer stayed on my finger. What weird circumstances were we in?

“I’m not letting you go alone this time,” he stated and I tucked my ring back into my shirt. I think he was forgetting I wasn’t Bella.

“Remy?” I called into the darkness. I walked deeper into the recesses, past the desk and its weird dark windows. I waited to listen. “Remy?” I called louder and I could see Mocsk stiffen and become tenser. He was like a coiled spring of lean muscle. A loud bang might cause him to leap to the ceiling.

It made no sense that the Sky Kraken lived in this building. I saw him walk through the weird village, he could not fit into this building. He was much too large. I saw a shadow move in the darkness.

“Remy?” I called out and walked down the corridor towards it. I realized as my heart began to pound I had no weapon. I had Mocsk with me, and he had a spear, but I didn’t even have my lucky fork. “Damn I need my fork.” I finally admitted out loud, giving a deep sigh. “I need my cutlass or my Captain’s musket.” The shadow moved again, retreating away from us, but it didn’t seem Remy shaped it. It seemed familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

We came around a corner and there was, David. Oh my God, David. I was happy at first to see him. “David!” I exclaimed. This was my brother in law, my husband’s brother, he still looked as well fed as ever. Taller than me, brunette hair that needed trimming, and his boyish growth of facial hair. David had never come into his man growth. He didn’t acknowledge that he actually saw me, he just turned and continued to walk down the corridor. He was not dressed in the good clothes that we had once been accustomed to. He wore clothing much like Mocsk’s. Breeches that came to the ankle. A white shirt that looked like someone had painted crosses on the chest, and the sleeves look cut just above the elbow.

“David!” I shouted at him as he turned. Mocsk moved past me, spear raised, mouth open, a roar bellowing from his throat.

“Mocsk! What are you doing?” I tackled him around his waist and it was like trying to wrestle a tree trunk to the ground. He crashed into the corridor wall but Mocsk managed to throw his spear. “David!” I shouted his name and oddly David turned and caught the spear with one hand, I stared wide eyed. David was not known for his agility. He dropped the spear from his hand, it plunked on the floor. Mocsk was wrestling with me and he was winning.

“What are you doing?” He asked me, his hands literally strong enough to remove my arms from his waist. “I could’ve ended it!” He tried to get up, to pick his spear back up, but I managed to grab his ankle and lift up, tripping him back down to the floor. David had turned, ignoring our scuffle and moved around a corner out of sight. Mocsk kicked, the blow catching me in the chest, I released him, wheezing as he scooped up his spear and jogged around the corner after David.

“No!” I tried to shout, but it came out in a rasp. “That. Is. My. Brother.” I said gulping in air, and slowly coming to my knees. I dragged myself to my feet. I leaned on the wall, one hand on my chest as if that would fix my pounding heart. I came around the corner, expecting to see Mocsk jabbing his spear repeatedly into my brother’s lifeless corpse. Instead, Mocsk was standing there, pulling one of the pink eel looking Sky Kraken spawn from his spear. I noticed my fork was at his feet. I scooped it up and noticed it was covered in clear slime.

“Where did you find this?” He gave me a puzzled look. “Where’s David?” I asked him, my wind finally returning. He gave that slight smile, I realized he kept seeing his Bella in me. What was she to him? Girlfriend? Wife? I was curious and had no way to ask him. “David!” I shouted his name and Mocsk put a finger to his lips. I lowered my brows at him. I passed Mocsk and jogged down the corridor and pulled open the door that led to one of the staircases. I now had my trusty fork. I was ready to confront the Sky Kraken.

“Remy!” I exclaimed seeing him standing at the base of the stairs that led up into the statue. He turned slowly to face me. He opened his mouth and like Orford gave that horrible, mind numbing, bone tingling shriek. “Remy! No!” I shouted through the noise, one hand covering my ear nearest him. The sound cut into my soul. My knees became weak and as I slid down the door frame, I saw the blood droplets dangling from his fingers. Below his cuff, which was red with blood, was a single line that went all the way around his wrist.

Mocsk’s spear sailed over my head and lodged in Remy’s chest. Remy, choked, gurgled on black blood and vanished. There was an inhuman squeal, nothing like the shriek Remy had given, and the spear clattered to the floor, but on the end of it was another one of those pink eels. Its single long tail was trying to curl around the spear but couldn’t seem to get a grip on it. I didn’t understand, it made no sense, Remy was a Sky Kraken spawn? Mocsk put his foot on the eel and jerked his spear out of it. I slowly rose to my feet. Mocsk turned to me.

“These spirits are the Sky Kraken spawn?” I asked him, even though he had no idea what I was saying.

“Yeah,” he replied and I almost wished he was just agreeing with me because I was right. I took him by the wrist, and he tried to jerk away from me, I pulled his sleeve up. I pointed to the scars on his wrist.

“What is this? What does this mean?” I asked him. His impressive strength easily freed his hand from my grasp and he self-consciously pulled his sleeve to cover the scars. I pulled back the cuffs of my coat, showing my wrists, the right one bruised, but scar free. “I saw those on Remy, and they were fresh. Answer me, dammit!” I grabbed his shirt and shook him, well I moved his shirt, but he didn’t move much. He just looked at me, the small smile on his face, eyes locked with mine. “Damn you. Damn you to Hell.”

Did the fact that Remy was an eel or a ghost created by the eel, did that mean he was dead? I had not seen any blood other than what dripped from his fingertips. I left Mocsk in the staircase room and angrily clutching my fork wanted to fork something so bad. If Haig weren’t dead I’d fork him in the other testicle or the other eye. I should fork the Captain and his new companion, the freed slave who… I stopped. Sam was the first person I’d seen with the three scars. The Captain had pointed them out, which it indicated that he was from Draco Island. Was Draco Island never found before because it was under the clouds?

I had found myself back outside the statue building. Suddenly a dark shadow slowly moved across the land, blotting out the sun. I looked skyward and muttered, “Now that is Draco Island.”