I practically screamed, but I managed not to. I was also all but clinging to Remington. He was entirely clinging to me. I realized now from the Sky Kraken’s size, how it was so possible for him to drag down an entire island. The Sky Kraken slowly lowered to the ground. The leg tentacles untwisted and the Sky Kraken moved along the ground on its stomach, pulling itself along with its tentacles as if walking upright like a man was too tedious to keep it up for long. Why would he walk upright? It puzzeled me at the same time I was terrified about how human the Sky Kraken appeared.
It slithered towards us and just as I expected it to come bursting through the already broken glass windows of the front of the store, it began to slither up over the front of the building and was soon gone out of sight. Remy and I huddled a moment longer as we listened to the sounds of the Sky Kraken climbing the statue. My heart pounded in my chest and I wanted to hyperventilate.
“Where do you think its going?” Remy whispered to me. I wanted to strangle him, once again he thought I knew what the Sky Kraken was doing.
“The Deceit might still be up there,” I whispered back to him. I didn’t want to think that the Captain had cut us loose, had abandoned us, but it was an insight into his character. He was cold, callous, and ready to kill you, but I had felt as if there was a certain more towards me. Maybe I saw more in the relationship that was actually there, and I had to realize that the relationship wasn’t as complex as I wanted to believe. He was a pirate captain, notorious for his murdering, and I was a scurvy dog cannoneer.
“If it eats the ship how will we be rescued?” Remy asked and I gave him a dirty look and pushed him away, he had so much to learn.
“We won’t be rescued. We have to help ourselves get above the clouds,” I informed him. I slowly approached the glass windows and stepped through one of the broken panes. I looked up at the statue. It was of a man, with an index finger, now broken and his hand obscured by the clouds, was pointing to the heavens. What I didn’t see was the Sky Kraken. I had expected to see it slithering up the statue to the Deceit.
“Where is it?” Remington asked me, I shrugged at him. How does something that large just disappear? I turned from the statue to look around. Maybe we could find something to help us climb the statue too. Maybe we’d find something to help us. Anything that could help us.
I didn’t recognize any of the structures before us. It seemed a lot of it seemed to be buildings that offered food stuffs given by some the faded painted images on the small builngs, most were larger than market stalls, but they seemed like market stalls. The rest of the structures seemed like metal spines curved and coiled upon themselves. The rose up higher than stands, and others looked like insane train tracks and tressels that wove in upon themselves, I couldn’t see what purpose they served, why have a train that curved about crazily only to return back to where it started? Then there was the giant metal wheel with cages all around its edge, I could see where some of the cages had fallen off and crashed to the ground. Was it a prison or some sort of torture device?