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I’ve been dabbling in Noristrad for a long time. Getting on 15 years. The world is sword and sorcery, ruled by vampires. I think creating the world was as much fun as writing about the characters in it.

This map is nearly as old as the world, when my characters started to move around the map I needed to create a way for myself to reference where they were. The green areas are massive forests, noted on the map because they are haunted or enchanted. The red omega symbols indicate a way stone, a type of teleportation travel, they are on the map so I remember where I put them, only a few people know of their existence.

Everything is impassible because a magical barrier surrounds Noristrad, placed by the gods, and none may leave. I should redraw this map in a more circular fashion because I doubt the gods would’ve made the barrier a perfect rectangle, but as you can see I lack actual map making skills. This map is only a writer’s tool, but if you read my older works and now some of my newer, you’ll notice cities mentioned on the map.