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I’m not sure if I’m a privileged author or maybe all authors are treated like I am by their friends. None of my friends really read, even though two have claimed to plan to buy my book, the only purchasers of my book have been my family. I’ve never been given criticism about my writing, basically I’ve gotten support all my life to write, but no one ever read anything I did write.

Anyway I was asked by a friend, well more or less demanded, “If you don’t put me in your next book making a funnel cake…” He falsely threatened. I wondered how to put my friend, actually my boss, in my next novel, a sword an sorcery novel, that I’ve been posting as I’ve been writing it.

Does anyone else have this issue? I figured out how to put my friend, my boss, in my novel, but what worries me is how he will see himself portrayed. He will be looking at a portrait of himself in words painted from someone else’s perspective. Will he like it? Will he approve? Will he wonder why I see him this way?

I’ve already decided to call his character Sean the Agreeable, which is accurate in my opinion, because he is very agreeable. He mentioned something about screaming like a little girl and I replied, “You’re so brave.” He responded, “Yes I am. You know it.”