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When I write it always isn’t clear to me what I intend to write, usually I just start out with a central character idea. Which I suppose if the backwards way of writing. Nearly all my writing begins with a character, then I decide on the world to put them in. Lately I’ve been writing about this girl, Hazel, who is supposed to have my own approach to things, except she’s much more melancholy than I am. I usually don’t write as women a whole lot, I prefer the heroic male point of view (basically I’m pulling an Ann Rice when she writes about Lestat) but sometimes I want a story about a strong tough-as-nails-take-no-shit female. I’ve read the first four books of Anita Blake series and it just didn’t jive with me.

So I’m going to write, without intending to do it properly (beginning-middle-end) like I’ve been working on the Witch Hazel series, I’m just gonna create a female toon, drop in on her, and see what is going on. However the idea did just occur to me to write about Evolette, she’s a Northland barbarian wife, married to Domic Thermor, but I feel bad writing about a place that someone else, someone I know has the rights to. I’ve properly asked permission, and await an answer.

However… I still have the urge to write something silly. Strong female lead, but in a godly kick ass role. Something so ridiculous that readers will be saying, “OMG, this is sooooooooo bad.” Well I’m certain the rest of my work is bad, but no one ever critiques it. I sometimes think I’d be better off if I had a writing partner, someone to bounce ideas off, someone to do the writing, and someone to say, “Dude, that idea totally sucks balls.” I think this is coming from watching Cinemasins videos on youtube (if you haven’t watched, check them out, and remember it is supposed to be comedy) and want to write something totally sinful.