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I don’t usually go to the Haunted Prison. I’ve never seen any ghosts but sometimes you’ll get the feeling of being watched or the sensation that you’re not alone. Lucas says that the prison doesn’t really look like a prison, he says it looks more like a turn of the century sanitarium that was maybe turned into a prison or quite possibly that Triangle Island was originally a leper colony. Lucas says the resort and the information in the pamphlet were probably propaganda to get people to visit the resort who like haunted places.

The Haunted People, are a group of six, two girls and four guys, their ages vary, but they seem to be mostly around Lucas’ age. I visit them because Lucas fishes for them, he says that if we didn’t feed them, they’d starve to death and haunt the prison for sure. He hands me a shallow woven basket will fish, crabs, shrimp, bananas, oranges, papayas, coconuts and a few strips of dried boar, to take to the Haunted People.

The prison is relatively rectangle and seeming to have been built upwards rather than out. It doesn’t have electricity, but has sheer outer walls and the gates, now rusted were wrought iron. The Haunted People roam the prison, screaming and shouting, usually for help since they believe they’re dead, and the ghosts are the living. The rooms are run down, most of the doors are either rusted open or closed. It had long halls of cells, most of the glass is broken, and the furniture is smashed or rusted. Each cell contained two bunks a toilet and a sink. Some of the rooms still contain personal effects, hair brushes, crayons, clothes, picture frames. It does have the feeling that whatever did happen to the prison it wasn’t formally shut down, it appears more like the people in it just got up and walked away from whatever they’d been doing, eating, drawing, sleeping. Lucas says the prison was probably “staged” to look that way and what artifacts I was finding were in just props. I think Lucas’ problem is he doesn’t believe in anything, he’s the smartest person I know, nothing scares him, and calm in any situation.

“Hello?” I call into the prison courtyard. I can hear someone, probably Jenny, yelling.

“Help us! If you can hear us… Please!” The six Haunted People are Nick, Aaron, Jenny, Holden, Richard, and Chloe. They just wander the prison shouting for help. I just feel sad for them. However I see Holden first. He’s wearing the tatters of pants that were now shorts and nearly strips. He’s dirty, all the Haunted People are dirty, and look a little feral, their eyes are wide, and their expression vary between shock and longing and sorrow. They talk a little to me, Lucas used to come with me to bring them food and he always encouraged them to tell him the latest of whatever they were doing.

“Hi Holden,” I say putting down the basket of food between us. He grabs at it hungrily. The yelling stops and the others appear almost from thin air. “You remember me? I was here yesterday.” They look at me quizzically as if trying to recall. The dawn of remembrance finally sparks on Chloe’s face.

“You’re the one who walks in between,” she says. I suppose it creeps me out, I don’t understand why she says that.

“Have you make contact with the other side?” I asked. This I’m actually genuinely curious. I have never seen a ghost, but these six claim to have, well they claim to have seen the living.

“We must try harder,” this time from Richard, they’re always trying harder. They eat mostly in silence and though I sit down on a rusted chair in the courtyard they mostly ignore me. Chloe steals glances at me occasionally. I once tried to convince them that couldn’t be dead if they were eating and aging, they had no argument for me, but they still didn’t accept the idea.

Every once in a while in the Haunted Prison I get the feeling I’m being watched. I assume it is just the Lobster People, they have scouts that move around the island, they don’t interfere, just watch and observe. Today I couldn’t shake it. A shiver slid over me even though the sun was shining down into the courtyard. I suddenly felt a hot breath on my neck, I scurried to my feet and looked behind me, and my heart was thudding in my chest. There was nothing behind me chair where I’d been sitting. The courtyard was open, littered with junk, but nothing that anything could’ve scurried behind to hide. A feeling of unease had taken ahold of me. I turned back to the Haunted People, they had stopped eating and were staring at me, or rather behind me. I turned back to them, there was nothing there.

I left the basket and ran from the Haunted Prison.