“How do I get to Hestia’s Mercy?” He asked Tenenbaum.

“You’ll need to take a bathysphere, there is one docked from the lobby.” Tenenbaum handed him a map.  He’d recalled that door being iced over and he hadn’t bothered with it. “You’ll need this.” She handed him another one of the epi-pen looking hypos but this was filled with a glowing orange liquid.

“What are these?”

“They are plasmids, rather than curing the world’s ailments, we began to make people super-human. Those people out there, the mishappen ones, they are called splicers. They have overdosed on plasmids, their minds are lost. To them, this is still December 31st, 1958.”

“They don’t look old enough to have lived through New Years in ’58.”

“That is the thing about Rapture. It’s a fountain of youth. For some reason, people do not age here. For children to grow up, or even to be born, it must be done artificially.”

“What the fuck were you people doing down here?” Aerran asked. Tenenbaum gave a long sigh and took a drag on her cigarette.

“I was trying to change the world.” There was a sound like a wrench being dropped and the shuffling of feet. “Splilcers! We have to get out of here. Use the plasmid. Keep them away so we can escape.” She tossed aside her cigarette and picked up one of the small girls. The other three fell in behind her.