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Chapter 4
There were three kinds of people in Silent Hill. Those that were drawn to it, those that stumbled upon it and those that had never left. Shannon Shiga was none of those, her entrance to the town was unplanned and unwanted but not unnoticed. Silent Hill would try to eliminate her as quickly as possible. Elizabeth Tatum’s entrance to Silent Hill was the second kind. She had been on the way to do something foolish such as meet an man she’d met on the internet. She had driven all the way south from Maryland and was completely lost on some backwoods road she’d turned down simply because she thought it might be a shortcut. Elizabeth or Beth to her friends was already an hour later meeting her internet beau and for the past two hours she had not had cell phone service.
By the time Beth had finally decided to pull over and dig out her old GPS, it was raining and dark. She plugged in the GPS, waited for it to turn on. Then stared at it as it waited for a signal. She waited what felt like an hour, but in truth it was probably closer to three minutes. She sighed and turned it back off. What God forsaken backwoods country had she gotten lost in? The GPS was supposed to rely on satellite. She leaned forward and tried to look up through the fogging rain soaked windshield as if she could see upwards into the sky past the clouds and give a scolding to the errant device that was supposed to help her find her way.
She gave a long sigh and just decided to follow the road. Perhaps it finally led to someplace. There was no room for her turn around without getting her little red sports car stuck in a ditch. Beth drove slowly and carefully. Her worst fear was not getting lost or even finding redneck banjo players that would make her strip to her underwear and squeal like a pig. Her worst fear was hitting a deer or some other wild animal and having to walk in her new pair of Gucci “Lisbeth” pumps that she had just bought solely for this meeting. The idea her $800 heels being ruined by the mud made her stomach churn. She had saved nearly a year for these shoes.
Beth stopped her car. Her headlights illuminated a large black and yellow ROAD CLOSED sign on a barricade across the street. She frowned at it. Behind the barricade was a chain link fence that had a NO ADMITTANCE sign across the road. Still there was no place for her to turn around. She doubted she lacked the skills to drive all the way back to the highway in reverse, in the dark and in the rain. She sat a moment behind the wheel trying to decide what to do. Beth honked the horn several times. She felt foolish after a while when no one came to help her. She reached down and pulled off her pumps, tossing them in the floorboard and covering them with her coat. She didn’t want anyone to see them in her car and steal them. She gave another sigh as she decided that it was better that she got soaked by the rain and muddy barefeet as long as her pumps weren’t ruined.
The rain was cold and she was quickly shivering and wet. Her make-up would run in this. Today was just not her day. Once she got cell coverage she’d call Luvrboi69 and tell him that she wouldn’t be able to meet him. She’d find a motel and hopefully set up a time to meet him tomorrow. By the light of the headlights she walked towards the fence and noticed that though there was a chain through it with a lock, the lock was not locked. She unhooked it and removed the chain, slowly pushing open the creaking gate and tried to walk down the road as far as her headlights could go.
“Hello?” She called into the wet darkness. No answer other than the dull chatter of the rain. Beth walked back to her car, careful to remove the barricade and opening bother gates in order to get through. Her feet were too muddy to put her shoes back on, but she slipped her arms into her jacket and turned the heat up all the way on the little red sports car. She slowly moved forward and was on the edge of being completely creeped out. Not a single light as far as she could see, however she could make out the shadows and shapes of buildings, but nothing seemed to move within the town. She had apparently come to a town and from the looks of it, everyone had suddenly packed up and left in the mid-seventies give or take from the old cars still on the streets. The buildings were boarded up; looking as if they were worried about a hurricane, but some of the boards had rotted away and fallen down. It had a look of being abandoned decades ago and at the same time only a few days maybe.
Beth wasn’t sure how it was possible but she had the feeling of being utterly alone and yet as if something was watching her. A dull headache was beginning to set in. She stopped the car, and leaned down to get her bottle of ibuprofen out the glove box. When she sat up, she gave a start. Her heart thumping in her chest, and she couldn’t take a full breath. In the headlight beams was a small brown child. It had surprised her and then she gave a slightly hysterical giggle. It wasn’t a child at all. Apparently her car had rolled forward while she had been searching for the painkillers and they had illuminated a doll covered with wet paper bag sitting next to a fence in front of a large park. She tried to calm down, but she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get a full breath. Dizziness quickly set in and she had to grip the steering wheel as she felt as if she was falling. Beth’s eyes fluttered and her head fell forward onto the steering wheel. Without her foot to hold the brake down the car rolled forward but was stopped by the fence. There was a sickening crunch as the car bumper crushed the doll. A dark liquid began to spread across the wet pavement under the car. Had it been daylight it would’ve shown crimson.
Chapter 5
Lonnie drifted around the town for a while. He was alone and dirtier than normal. Though he’d never much cared for his personal hygiene or comfort other that what heroin could supply him, he often wished the damn ash falling from the sky would stop. It made his eyes watery and tears left clean streaks down his soot covered face. He’d finally torn the boards off a building, which apparently was a little second hand shop. It was crammed wall to wall with old people knick-knacks. Just absolute junk and most of it porcelain, glass or crystal. He checked the register; it was an old one that was barely more than a typewriter with a cash drawer. He pressed the No Sale button, it was stiff but the drawer popped open and there were surprisingly old bills. He counted $13.75. Lonnie pocketed it; he was already headed towards his next heroin high.
He decided that if there was money in this shop, there might be money in all the stores. Lonnie now had a mission. With the stolen money in his pocket he turned to walk out from behind the counter and there was the little girl. He jumped in surprise of seeing her.
“You!” He exclaimed and was going to push past her but she held a capped syringe in her hand. His eyes narrowed at the familiar liquid within the barrel. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked of her. How could she have heroin? She was only ten at the most. He licked his cracks lips and tried to toss the hair from his face, but it was a gooey paste of ash wetted from his sweat.
“I can give you all the heroin you could ever need,” she began and Lonnie was sensing a ‘but’ coming. He cocked a dark brow at her. He could just take it from her. He was twice as big as she was. That was what he attempted to do. She was suddenly on the other side of the room. He hadn’t seen her back away or run or move at all. One moment she had been in front of him holding out a syringe and now she was across the room. Lonnie wasn’t one to be afraid, true, the mannequin in the gas station had freaked him out a little, but after a while he blamed it on the withdrawal. He was simply seeing things.
“Ah ah ah,” she scolded him and his brow furrowed. He just got scolded by a ten year old girl some old school head mistress. “You have to do something for me first.”
“What do you want?” He asked.
“I need you to kill something,” she said. He narrowed his eyes at the evil child. She wanted him to kill something, not someone, a something.
“Yeah? The boogeyman?” He asked sarcastically. He leaned casually as he could against the counter of the little junk shop. He picked up a pink porcelain swan from the counter, turned it in his hands a couple times and then dropped it. It shattered next to his feet. That felt surprisingly good. He picked up another porcelain figure, this one looked like a white pig in a red coat. He dropped it. The head broke off.
“I want you to kill that,” she pointed through the dirty windows and Lonnie had to move closer to figure out what she was pointing at. Moving erratically was a creature somewhat like the mannequin, as if someone had taken two female mannequin bottom halves, put panties and fishnet stockings on them and glued them together at the waist. It was walking, more or less stumbling, and moving like he was watching  silent movie. He almost expected to see the world go black and “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” pop up in white letters. The creature was worth screaming. “You’ll need this.” She placed a large meat cleaver on the counter and was gone. The door didn’t open with her passage and Lonnie just started at the thing. His mind couldn’t comprehend what he was looking at and it scared the shit out of him.